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Want To Start Your Own Profitable Solo Ad Business?

"Discover How You Can Get More Leads, Sales and Profit With My Superior Laser Targeted Solo Ads!"

"Take a look at my customer reviews below to discover why Superior Solo Ads is a long-term TRUSTED solotion for your traffic needs"

Why Choose To Work With Me?

I Am Dependable.

I Under-Promise & Over-Deliver.

I Do My Best To Understand How To Meet Your Expectations.

I Can Be Fluid With Your Order Needs.

Do You Prefer Less Mobile? Require More Desktop?

Want Top-Level Tier-1 Traffic?

Want Higher Opt-in Rates?

I can help you reach your objectives with sueprior precision.

Need Fast Delivery? I can provide this for you.

Need EVEN FASTER Delivery?

I am the man for the job.

Want To Improve Sales On Your Offers?

Let Me Show You How.

Need Someone Who Can Consistently Provide High Volumes of GOOD Traffic To You?

That's Superior Solo Ads.

Want To Make Sure You Do Not Recieve Fake, Useless, Bot Clicks?

That Will Never Happen With Me.

Want Me To Give You The Personal Time & Attention you Deserve?

That Is The Service I Provide.

Business Breakthrough BONUS:
Claim Your Free 30-Minute One to One Consultation With Me On Your First Order!

Is Your Landing Page Under-Performing? Let's Fix It!

Can Your Sales Page Be Improved?

Need A Follow Up Sequence Critique?

Are You Using The Latest Free Traffic Conversion Technology On Your Page? Most Are Not!

Are You Losing Leads & Sales Because Your Pages Are Not Cross-Browser & Cross-Device Compatible?

I'm Sure We Can Explore Your Goals Together & And/or Objectives And Increase The Chances Of Their Attainment.

Here Is How My
Risk Free Guarantee Works

You Can Place An Order/Reservation With Me At Anytime.

You May Also Cancel At Anytime Before The Start Of Your Solo or Before The Order Completion Passes 5%.

More Importantly, I Can Guarantee You An Opt-in Rate On Your Landing Page Of 30% Or Higher Or Your Solo Ad Is Free.

In Order To Qualify For This Risk Free Guarantee I Will Have To Analyze Your Landing Page To Make Sure It Is Elligible.

If It Is Not Elligible I Will Build You A New Landing Page For Free That You Can Use With Your Order That Will Qualify For This Unique Guarantee.

Did You Know?

My Super Premium Quality Clicks Contain 90% or Higher Tier-1 Traffic.

Tier 1/T1 Traffic, Is From The Following 5 Countries: The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Singapore and Ireland can also be considered Tier-1 Countries.

Tier 1 Countries Have The Best Economies & Education Systems And Thus, Are More Likely To Be More Valuable To You.

If You Have Any Further Questions Please Visit The FAQ Below.

Select from Any of The Options Below:

10000 Premium Clicks-$6000

5000 Premium Clicks - $3250

1000 Premium Clicks - $750

250 Premium Clicks - $210

7500 Premium Clicks - $4650

2500 Premium Clicks - $1750

500 Premium Clicks - $400

What are Drip Clicks?

Drip clicks are a slower paced campaign than the standard.

They are more geared towards people that aren't in a rush to see movement on their campaigns and are okay to see the traffic "Drip" in.

Because the clicks can come in at a slower pace, we offer them at almost 60% off the price of regular campaign clicks!

You get the same high quality clicks, just at a slower pace and at a lower price.

Drip Clicks are offered at 25 cents per click

See package options below.

2000 Drip Clicks - $500

500 Drip Clicks - $125

200 Drip Clicks - $50

1000 Drip Clicks - $250

300 Drip Clicks - $75

100 Drip Clicks - $25

My Contact Details Are The Following:

My Best Email is: dreamastra@gmail.com

My FB Messenger is: facebook.com/george.kotis.9

My Phone Number is: +66823481907

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tier 1 Traffic?

Tier 1 Traffic Are Website Visitors Who Are From The United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Singapore and Ireland Are Also Considered Tier 1.

What Are Mobile Clicks Vs Desktop Clicks?

Mobile Clicks Are People Who Click Thru My Ad And See Your Page Who Are On Their Phone or Tablet. Desktop Clicks Are People On An Actual Desktop or Laptop PC.

What Are Solo Ad Clicks Vs Mixed Clicks And Which Do You Provide?

Solo Ad Clicks Are People Who Click From My Email Ad That Go Directly To Your Landing Page. Funnel Clicks Are People Who Have Clicked On One Of My Internal Landing Page Links. I Provide Both Kinds Of Clicks And/Or A Mix. Both Kinds Of Clicks Are Effective and Productive For Building A List Or For Making Sales.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

So Long As You Have Not Received More Than 5% Of The Clicks On Your Order, I Can Stop The Campaign & Issue A Refund. After Your Order Has Recieved 6% Or More Of The Clicks, There Are No Refunds.

Are Your Testimonials Recent?

Yes, I Update Them Regularly As They Come In.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, I Strive To Provide Excellent Service & Results To Others With Everything I Do. I Trust Our Work Together Will Demonstrate This And I am Grateful For The Opportunity To Help You Move Your Business Forward.

We do not share any of your information with other parties unless by your consent. You may opt out at anytime. We are here to help :)